How to Care for Your Freshwater Pearl Necklace ?

Anlene Jewelry Apr 28, 2024

Tips and Tricks for Proper Freshwater Pearl Necklace Care and Maintenance

Freshwater Pearls are particularly emphasized for maintenance because they are organic gemstones, primarily composed of calcium carbonate, with various proteins and trace elements. When observed under a microscope, pearls are layered structures similar to onions, but more delicate.

Due to the material composition and structural characteristics of freshwater pearls, two results occur:

  1. The pearl substance is gradually absorbed by the human body;
  2. Tiny gaps between pearl layers absorb human secretions.

In this mutual interaction, the material composition and appearance of freshwater pearls will change, mainly manifested in fading colors, white turning yellow, and reduced luster.

Therefore, when wearing freshwater pearl necklace daily, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of pearls and minimize contact with perfumes, cosmetics, sweat, etc. Specifically, you can start with the following aspects:

  1. Avoid wearing freshwater pearl necklace while bathing, as chemicals such as shower gel are harmful to pearls;
  2. Avoid wearing freshwater pearl necklace in the kitchen where it may come into contact with fumes, which can also damage pearls;
  3. Wear freshwater pearl necklace after makeup to avoid direct contact with pearls with perfumes and cosmetics;
  4. In seasons with excessive sweating, reduce the wearing time of freshwater pearl necklace to allow pearls sufficient time to rest;
  5. Regularly use a soft cloth to gently wipe and clean freshwater pearl necklace to keep them clean and fresh, extending their luster.

In addition,real pearl necklaces have a low hardness and are susceptible to physical damage, so special attention is needed:

  1. Avoid collisions with hard objects, especially those with uneven surfaces;
  2. Store freshwater pearl necklace separately to avoid contact with other hard objects;
  3. Avoid friction between pearls in freshwater pearl necklace, which can be prevented by knotting;
  4. Avoid exposure to high temperatures and dry environments to prevent freshwater pearls from losing moisture and luster.


In summary, pearls are gemstones that require careful maintenance, and proper maintenance methods can prolong their luster and lifespan, allowing you to wear freshwater pearl jewelry more beautifully and lastingly.

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